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We value our customers and want to reward you for using Paoli Limousine for your travel needs.


Earning Paoli Rewards is easy. Just ask to be put on the Rewards program and book your car with us.


Whenever you travel to or from Philadelphia International Airport or any other local transportation hub, you will earn a point.  If we take you to the airport and pick you up at the end of your trip, you earn two points.


Each time you reach the 15 point level, you earn one free sedan trip to Philadelphia airport.  Book with us 30 times and your next trip to and from the airport is covered.


Paoli Limousine and Executive Transport wants to be your personal choice for all your ground transportation needs, every time. By choosing Paoli every time you travel, you’ll always be assured of the lowest possible fares while earning your way to valuable free trips.


To learn more, simply call our office at 610-647-7333.


*Note - Rewards Program is not automatic.  You must ask to be put on the program. Reward trips expire 1 year after they are earned.

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